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12 de diciembre de 2014

Food suplement made out of collagen I, Vitamin C and Mucopolysaccharides.

Because of its special composition, TENDOACTIVE is recommended for athletes with tendon pain. Available in gel-cap form.

How does TENDOACTIVE work?
How does TENDOACTIVE work?

Collagen I: Tendons support forces of traction and collagen gives them resistance and elasticity to transmit these forces.

Vitamin C: Contribute to estimulate collagen synthesis.

Mucopolysaccharides: In a damaged tendon, collagen’s fibrils are deformed and separated. Mucopolysaccharides contribute to put in order these fibrils and determine the final shape of the tissue.

What benefits does Tendoactive provide?

The use of TENDOACTIVE for tendon injuries and pain can contribute to the tendon-recovery process by reducing the convalescence period.

TENDOACTIVE helps you train better by improving your JOINT PERFORMANCE with a natural substance that is not on the list of prohibited substances for athletes.

This product does not contain lactose.

World Anti-Doping Agency

TENDOACTIVE was analysed by the laboratory HFL Ltd. (UK), which is accredited by the World Anti-doping Agency, and no prohibited substances were found.

The combined use of TENDOACTIVE capsules and HIALSORB SPORT optimizes the beneficial effects.

Instructions for use
Take 3 capsules a day for 3 months, then stop treatment for 2 to 3 months. Repeat this regimen to maintain proper nutrition and maintenance.

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