Dysgen Test®

Dysgen Test®

Early hip dysplasia detection

Dysgen Test®

Dysgen® is a DNA chip designed by Bioiberica S.A. which evaluates the genetic predisposition to develop hip Dysplasia through a simple blood sample. It is available for Labrador Retrievers.

What is Dysgen®?

It is a liquid DNA chip which simultaneously detects 7 genetic markers associated with hip dysplasia and determines the genetic predisposition of a pure breed Labrador Retriever to develop this disease.

This technology allows DNA to be obtained from the dog and to be analysed for genetic markers of interest through a simple blood sample.

What is the clinical use of Dysgen®?

Early detection: Dysgen® can be performed from the first weeks of a dog's life and therefore before the appearance of radiographic signs of osteoarthritis and/or hip dysplasia. This information allows:

a) Those dogs with a high probability of being free of hip dysplasia to be identified and selected as breeders.

b) Genetic information to identify dogs with a high predisposition to develop Dysplasia and therefore be able to establish an optimal follow-up schedule which allows preventive measures to be taken to slow the progress of this disease.

Personalised medicine: this information will allow for individualised treatment depending on the risk level of each dog and also, specific medical and surgical decisions for each animal to be made with greater certainty.

What information can I obtain from Dysgen®?

The Dysgen® report shows if the dog is a carrier of a risk variant for each of the genetic markers analysed, and classifies the animal in a risk group (minimal, low, medium or high genetic predisposition) through predictive mathematical modelling which integrates the information of all the markers.

The "Dysgen® Test analysis order form" can be found below and the "Expert White Paper".  

Dysgen® Experts Document :

A group of veterinarians specialising in traumatology, orthopaedics and rehabilitation offer the Dysgen experts document, practical recommendations at the clinical level depending on the results obtained with Dysgen® when this is performed on dogs during their growth period. Dysgen® is a DNA chip which analyses the dog's DNA and evaluates the genetic predisposition to develop hip dysplasia through a blood sample.

The information collected in this document will allow individualised follow up protocols to be established depending on the genetic predisposition of each individual and for clinical decisions to be taken which help control the disease for each risk group.

The recommendations which are deduced in this document must logically be interpreted together with the clinical assessment of each patient and are intended also to help owners make a better assessment on the possible progression of this disease.

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