A succesful pharmaceutical partnership

We traveled to Finland to visit Fysioline, the company who is marketing Bioiberica's pharmaceutical grade chondroitin sulfate there. In that country it is a prescription medication for osteoarthritis and, thanks to the alliance between the two companies, the product has become a market leader.

Pertti Välikoski, Fysioline president and owner (Finland)

Fysioline is a family business founded in 1991. Currently our staff consists of 80 people and our revenues in 2015 will be approximately 20 million Euros. Fysioline is divided into several departments. The Pharmaceuticals department is the most important one, where we have our own production. 

As we already have a sales-staff network in Finland and good contacts with pharmacies and doctors, we began to consider what more we could do. I met the Bioiberica people for the first time at the CPHI Congress in Madrid and this led to negotiations that ended in an agreement with Bioiberica to start marketing medical chondroitin sulfate in Finland.

We felt that the medical community had been waiting for for a new medical treatment to treat osteoarthritis. That is where our marketing began to expand. One example of this is that in September 2015 we once again set a sales record in Finland and growth has been reasonably strong. 

We had not sold medicine before, it was a new thing for us and we needed training for our staff and sales representatives. We received good training from Bioiberica. Collaboration with Bioiberica has been fruitful and I hope that this good collaboration will continue and that together we can increase the marketing of chondroitin sulfate in Finland. 

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