Bioiberica, a partner for pharmacies in joint healthcare

Community pharmacists are professionals who are more and more involved in caring for their patients' joints: active individuals, athletes and the elderly who come to the pharmacy with aches and pains. Bioiberica has more than 40 years of specialisation in osteoarthritis and joint healthcare and is now making all its expertise available to the pharmaceutical service.

Jordi Casasús, owner of Tarradellas Pharmacy (Barcelona) 

This is the Tarradellas Pharmacy, we're located in Barcelona's Sants-Les Corts neighbourhood, right next to Sants Train Station, and this gives us the possibility to deal with many types of patients coming through and with the people from the offices who work in the area. We've been working with Bioiberica for two years and the progress has been very positive. Together we've been able to develop the joint healthcare category that we previously didn't have. 

Marta Fabregat, Pharmacy Business Manager in Bioiberica 

Bioiberica is a pharmaceutical laboratory with more than 40 years of experience. We've been working with the support of scientific companies and physicians specialising in the musculoskeletal system on comprehensive joint healthcare. We've been on the market for 40 years and now we're bringing all this expertise to community pharmacies.

Bioiberica is the perfect partner for pharmacies in joint healthcare


Fundamentally, when we come to these pharmacies we try to group all the products that they frequently have, often in disperse places, into one category, which we call joint healthcare.

Jordi Casasús


Bioiberica has helped us in particular with face-to-face and online training, and has also helped us especially in developing different campaigns for the patients (joint pains, tendon diseases…).

"The Joint Healthcare category has a great potential for development in pharmacies"


Creating specific materials for each of the medical issues has also allowed us to help clearly explain to patients what is happening to them.

Marta Fabregat


What does all this do? It helps boost sales. Why? Because they provide solutions to the needs of many of the pharmacy's patients.

Jordi Casasús


Thanks to developing the joint healthcare category, we have seen 60% growth compared to last year, not only in Bioibérica's products but also in the entire joint healthcare category, which has allowed us to become points of reference in joint healthcare in the neighbourhood and in the area, and above all to earn the loyalty of many clients who previously didn't come to the pharmacy and who we're now seeing more and more coming here to the pharmacy to ask us for advice.

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