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Fast Track Technician

Job Area
Supply chain
Post date


  • Perform operations related to the transfer and optimization of industrial processes in Bioiberica's plants, ensuring regulatory compliance, through the registration and evaluation of the associated change control.
  • Continuous process audit. Evaluation of changes and systematic resolution of nonconformities.
  • Collaborate with Engineering in the definition of the user requirements of the new facilities and production equipment.
  • Collaborate in the review of the specifications of the MMPP, materials, process controls, intermediates, APIs produced, ensuring that their content corresponds to the DMF.
  • Prepare with production the drafting of manufacturing guides for new processes or optimization of current ones, as well as the validation of the processes prior to their industrial implementation.
  • Collaboration with production to solve productive problems that require different solutions, collaborate in the monitoring of projects on process optimization, collaborate with the feasibility study of alternative MMPP, collaborate with other areas of the company at the level of technical advice (commercial, RRAA, etc.)



  • Degree in Industrial Sciences or Engineering
  • English
  • Valuable previous experience.