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Arthrostem, Bioiberica’s veterinarian cell therapy service, is becoming the treatment of choice for joint diseases in dogs, cats and horses

10 May 2016
Companion Animal Health

This process, using adult stem cells, have been proved to be efficient for the treatment of a number of joint diseases, reducing the recovery time and increasing the animal’s chances of complete recovery
Those attending the 16th GEVO symposium learned about Bioiberica’s latest products in advanced therapies and chondroprotection

This year’s 16th symposium of the GEVO (the workgroup in trauma and orthopedics of the Spanish association of veterinarians specializing in small animals) was held in Baiona, Galicia, on 4-7 May.

Bioiberica was again present as an event sponsor, presenting the latest products in the field of veterinarian trauma and cell therapy, developed over the past year in collaboration with Centauri, a biotech firm specializing in stem cell therapies for the veterinarian sector.

Specialized treatments based on the use of adult stem cells, such as Arthrostem, have been proved to have optimum results in several joint pathologies in dogs, cats and horses; thus reducing convalescence time and increasing the animal’s chances of complete recovery. These can be applied to several areas, such as the treatment of dysplasia and advanced osteoarthritis, tendon and ligament fractures and injuries.

Aside from getting information on the development and application of these cutting edge therapies, visitors to Bioiberica’s booth in the exhibitors’ area at the 16th GEVO symposium found exhaustive information on our Veterinary Division’s condroprotection solutions. These solutions, along with cell therapies, reinforce our already ample experience in the field of joint healthcare for cats and dogs.