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Bioiberica launches Impromune® Palatable Pasta to strengthen dogs’ and cats’ immune system

25 Jun 2020
Companion Animal Health
  • This is a new presentation in paste form of the complementary food Impromune® which helps with administration and intake

Bioiberica Companion Animal Health has announced the launch of Impromune®  Palatable Pasta in Spain. This is a new presentation in paste form of the complementary food Impromune® which helps with administration and intake. Launched in Spain in 2011, this product is recommended to strengthen the immune system and promote both the innate and adaptive response in dogs and cats with immunosuppression problems.

Impromune® contains Nucleoforce®, a specific nucleotide formula developed following a study of the specific needs of different mammal species. Nucleotides are semi-essential immunonutrients which, freely administered orally, contribute to the correct development of the immune system.

The product also contains AHCC, a mycelial extract of Lentinus edodes, which modulates natural killer (NK) cell activity as well as the proliferation of macrophages and differentiation of T lymphocytes into Th1 lymphocytes. Different studies have shown a synergistic effect of the combination of Nucleoforce® and AHCC in acting on the innate and adaptive immune responses. This synergetic effect has been patented.

Impromune® Palatable Pasta provides essential nutrients that contribute to the proper development of the immune system in various situations: for puppies with immature immune systems, for small breed dogs and cats with bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections (such as leishmaniasis), for post-hospitalisation patients with physiological stress, for dogs and cats with oral problems or senior animals with Immunosenescence and difficulty ingesting tablets.

Bioiberica is a worldwide leader in the life sciences sector, committed to improving the health and well-being of people, animals and plants. The Companion Animal Health business unit specialises in innovative, science-based solutions to improve the health of chronically ill pets.

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