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New publication confirms the efficacy of Impromune for the treatment of Canine Leishmaniosis

10 May 2017
Companion Animal Health
  • A paper published by Veterinary Parasitology proved that Bioiberica’s Impromune is as efficient as the standard, allopurinol-based treatment
  • Furthermore, this paper confirmed that patients treated with Impromune didn’t experience adverse reactions, unlike those who  received the standard treatment 

A new randomized, allopurinol-controlled essay has proved the efficacy of Impromune, a nutritional supplement based on nucleotides and AHCC, for the treatment of canine Leishmaniosis. This is a joint study carried out by experts from Bioiberica’s Companion Animal Health Care Division, the Complutense University of Madrid, the University of Murcia, the Technological Center in Nutrition and Healthcare of the TECNIO, and the Clinical Sciences Department of the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, from the United States.

To carry out this study, whose results were recently published by the renowned journal Veterinary Parasitology, scientists selected a group of dogs affected by Leishmaniosis. The subjects were divided into two groups: those receiving the allopurinol based treatment and those receiving Impromune. Both treatments were combined with Glucantime® during the first 28 days. The complete treatment took 180 days (six months) with the patients being analyzed at baseline, after one month, and at the end of the treatment.

The study’s findings confirmed that Impromune is as efficient as allopurinol, the standard therapy currently used for the treatment of canine Leishmaniosis. Moreover, it also confirmed that Impromune from Bioiberica is the best therapeutic option for certain cases, because of its lack of adverse reactions, such as xanthinuria. More precisely, the study confirmed that 41% of patients receiving allopurinol treatment were later affected by urinary xanthinuria, which in turn is associated with a higher risk of developing urinary calculi. Dogs treated with Impromune didn’t experience these complications.

The study’s authors concluded that Impromune, in combination with Glucantime®, can be a better therapeutic option that the combination of allopurinol and Glucantime®. This is especially true for the treatment of those canine Leishmaniosis cases more prone to complications associated with the allopurinol therapy.

Link to the study:

Article reference: Segarra, S., Miró, G., Montoya, A., Pardo-Marín, L., Boqué, N., Ferrer, L., & Cerón, J. (2017). Randomized, allopurinol-controlled trial of the effects of dietary nucleotides and active hexose correlated compound in the treatment of canine Leishmaniosis. Veterinary Parasitology239, 50-56.