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New study proves the efficacy of Bioiberica’s Impromune for the prevention of canine leishmaniasis

13 Mar 2018
Companion Animal Health
  • This  multicenter, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical study in clinically healthy but infected dogs was published in Parasites & Vectors 
  • Impromune, a supplement containing nucleotides and AHCC, had already proved its efficacy for the treatment of leishmaniasis in symptomatic patients

The prevalence of Leishmania infantum infection in dogs is much higher than the prevalence of disease (that is, patients showing clinical signs). This implies that there is a predominance of subclinical infection (clinically healthy, but infected cases). Although it is not recommended to treat dogs with subclinical infection, they should be controlled to prevent disease progression and their transmission to other animals and/or human beings, given the seriousness of this globally expanding zoonosis. 

A study published in 2017 in Veterinary Parasitology proved that Bioiberica’s Impromune has the same efficiency as the standard treatment (allopurinol) in canine leishmaniasis. A new study published in Parasites & Vectors proves that Impromune has a preventive effect, delaying the disease progression in clinically healthy, but infected dogs.

For this study, infected dogs were divided into two groups: one of them received Impromune, while the other received a placebo. The animals’ clinical evolution was monitored over a 365-day period, in which various biomarkers were measured from blood, urine and bone marrow samples.

The study results showed that a significantly lower percentage of dogs in the Impromune-treated group developed leishmaniasis-associated clinical signs. More precisely, only 15% of Impromune-treated dogs experienced disease progression, versus 45% of dogs in the placebo group. ELISA-determined antibody titers were significantly reduced with Impromune when compared baseline at all time points. In the placebo group, however, there were no significant changes in serology. Moreover, the clinical severity of the disease, after six months of treatment, was lower in dogs receiving Impromune.

Therefore, the study’s authors reached the conclusion that Impromune, apart from being a safe supplement, significantly reduces antibody titers against Leishmania, and leads to a lower disease progression rate, hence exerting a preventive effect.

Impromune by Bioiberica is a food supplement, based on nucleotides and active hexose correlated compound (AHCC), which optimizes the immune response in cats and dogs, thus improving the efficiency of their innate as well as adaptive responses. Impromune is sold in highly palatable pills, which allows for an easier administration and ingestion, even by small pets.

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