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Format: 02/06/2023
18 Sep 2020
Plant Health
  • This marks yet another step forward in the internalisation strategy of this business unit dedicated to plant health
  • Two biostimulant products, Terra-Sorb® Complex and Equilibrium®, have been launched in eleven states along with the plant protector Armurox®
6 May 2020
Plant Health
  • The formula is based on hydrolysed proteins that serve as insecticide broth bait
  • Its benefits include high compatibility with insecticides and its effectiveness attracting adult diptera
29 Apr 2020
Plant Health
  • A total of 79% of respondents say they have used biocontrol products in phytosanitary treatments at some point
  • And 63% already employ integrated or organic production strategies
  • These numbers come from a survey by Bioibérica of Spanish farmers of different types of crops
3 Mar 2020
Plant Health
  • The synergy between L-α-amino acids and potassium enhances product absorption inside plants
  • This unique product is fully compatible with hard waters and phytosanitary treatments thanks to its neutral pH
11 Nov 2019
Plant Health
  • The study compares four different biostimulants and analyses the origin of their ingredients and the method the L-α amino acids are obtained
  • This paper will be presented at the Biostimulants World Congress in Barcelona 18-21 November