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Format: 03/22/2023
26 Feb 2015
Plant Health
  • AECTRA, Bioiberica’s distributor in Romania, hosted the technical symposium “ACADEMIA AECTRA” on 19-20 February at Brasov, which presented the field trials carried out in the largest agricultural estates of the country
  • Among the products presented for yield optimization, the Terra-Sorb® Complex excelled
22 Jan 2015
Plant Health

Crop-ScanTM is the first remote detection service for the early diagnostic of plant stress in crops before the farmer can visually detect these symptoms. 

21 Nov 2014
Plant Health

Like last year, Bioiberica’s Palafolls factory held a technical seminar in November on the use of its Terra-Sorb™ products in Eastern Europe. 

29 Oct 2014
Plant Health

Bioiberica presented their products for crop quality improvement and environmentally-friendly crop protection

25 Sep 2014
Plant Health

Bioibérica presents the first crop scanning service from manned light aircraft for the early diagnosis of stress before the farmer can detect the symptoms visuallyThis innovative technology, based on thermal sensors and spectrometry by remote detection, takes thousands of pictures above crops and generates detailed maps of the state of each tree