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Format: 01/31/2023
3 Dec 2013
Plant Health

An international group of technicians and farmers visited Palafolls and presented the results obtained by Terra-Sorb®.

13 Nov 2013
Plant Health

This past November 6th, the 2nd conference on Profitability and Future of Vineyard Growth in Castile-La Mancha was held at Tomelloso, Ciudad Real.

30 Oct 2013
Plant Health

Bioibérica has had an event-filled month, with presentations of its newest products, SuzukiiTrap® and Crop-Scan®. Bioibérica’s continued to callits Cera Trap® system the most efficient and eco-friendly mass trap device currently available in the national and international markets.

10 Oct 2013
Plant Health

During the past month of September, Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology division facilities at Palafolls were visited by six groups of experts.

2 Sep 2013
Plant Health

Crop-Scan®, which has been developed by Bioberica’s R&D team, uses imaging taken by airborne thermal and multispectral cameras to diagnose crop stress.