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Format: 01/31/2023
7 Nov 2018
Plant Health
  • This new product is rich in free amino acids and organic matter
  • It improves the natural conditions of the rhizosphere and provides the fertilization that the soil microbiota need
  • It is certified for use in eco-friendly agriculture
20 Mar 2018
Plant Health
  • New Ag International is the largest global event in high-tech agriculture. This years’ edition will focus on the challenges of African agronomy 
  • Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology Division is one the main sponsors of this event
26 Feb 2018
Plant Health
  • Enzyneer® allows the extraction of biostimulant products that are unique on the market, with phytohormonal activity, and which preserve amino acids in their L-form (biologically active)
20 Feb 2018
Plant Health
  • The participants had to take a picture showing a detail or aspect of a plant disease with the pocket microscope for smartphones, provided by Bioiberica’s range of attractants
  • The image that won earned an iPad mini and was taken in a coffee plantation in the Alajuela province, Costa Rica
17 Jan 2018
Plant Health
  • Terra-Sorb® Organic is an amino-acid based product that boosts resistance and recovery in crops under stress
  • The new formulation is certified by ECOCERT as a product for use in Organic Farming and expands the company's range of ecological products
  • Spain is the leading country in the EU in organic crop areas, covering 18% of total crop land