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Format: 03/22/2023
16 Mar 2017
Plant Health
  • As in previous years, our company is one of the main sponsors of this event, the most important meeting worldwide in new agricultural technologies
  • More than 300 companies, along with organizations from 50 different countries, have pledged to attend the conference; currently held in Berlin, Germany
2 Feb 2017
Plant Health
  • Equilibrium® has been found to increase the number of fruit per hectare while maintaining good calibre, in more than 20 trials in different crops
  • The new biostimulant promotes the improved phytohormonal regulation of the plant, optimizing the processes of cell division and mobilization of reserves and acting in the developing organs, maintaining their physiological balance
8 Sep 2016
Plant Health

Optimus and Armurox increase sucrose contexts and sugar cane yield, respectively 

27 Jun 2016
Plant Health

The 2nd Congress of Berries gathered more than 1,000 attendees and 30 firms at the Colon House in Huelva, on 22-23 June, 2016

3 Jun 2016
Plant Health

On May 24 in Barcelona took place the first Latin American conference of Bioiberica Plant Physiology, attended by more than 50 technicians and managers from the main distribution companies of Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Spain