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Format: 01/31/2023
2 Feb 2016
Plant Health
  • This app is available in Spain for IOS and Android and can be personalized depending on the location and type of crop 
  • It offers precise weather reports on a daily basis, as well as for the upcoming week, providing real time alerts for adverse climatic conditions
29 Oct 2015
Plant Health
  • AminoQuelant™-Ca/Mg is especially designed for the prevention and correction of physiopathies causing heterogeneous dehydration of plant tissues
  • AminoQuelant™-Cu fights off frequent copper deficiencies and/or excess calcium in basic soils
26 Oct 2015
Plant Health

From 28 – 30 October, Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology Division will participate in Madrid at the International Fair of the Fruit and Vegetables Sector 

21 Oct 2015
Plant Health

This meeting is presenting the new global trends for crop protection in the market of biological products