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Format: 11/28/2022
19 Oct 2015
Plant Health

During September and October, noted professionals in the agricultural sector will receive training and share their experience in crop management

25 Sep 2015
Plant Health

Bioiberica presented a new paper that highlight how Armurox® achieves a greater productivity and better pest and disease control in sugarcane crops

23 Sep 2015
Plant Health
  • The highly effective, insecticide-free liquid food attractant is specifically designed to capture the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis Capitata
  • Cera Trap® is available in more than 30 countries and has over 100 on-the-ground trials around the world to its name 
2 Jul 2015
Plant Health

The strategies for the optimization and protection of berries that was presented by the Plant Physiology Division raised great interest among the major berry experts and producers from Huelva

26 Jun 2015
Plant Health

Our Plant Physiology Division, together with our Brazilian distributor Agro Wiser, presented Cera-Trap®, the 100 percent efficient and eco-friendly attractant for the control of fruit fly