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Format: 02/06/2023
9 Dec 2019
Companion Animal Health
  • The article calls for the end to this practice and notes that there effective solutions available to control canine leishmaniasis
  • Experts highlight the use of food supplements containing nucleotides and AHCC to boost the natural immune response and decrease the incidence of this parasitic disease
10 Oct 2019
Companion Animal Health
  • It is estimated that 20 percent of cats and dogs suffer from hepatic issues, 80% of them chronic conditions
  •  ProlivetTM is Bioiberica’s new product for the preservation of the hepatic function
15 Jul 2019
Companion Animal Health
  • Klorexivet® has dual protective and antiseptic action which cleanses, generates a suitable environment and prevents microbial overgrowth 
  • The product is ideal for dogs and cats with superficial injuries as a result of dermatitis, skin infections, etc.
  • Klorexivet® expands the dermatology product range for pets
20 Mar 2019
Companion Animal Health
  • Condrovet® Force HA and  Prolivet®, products for the reinforcements of the joint and hepatic health of cats and dogs, highlight innovative solutions for the veterinarian to be offered by our company
  • The AMVAC scientific congress will be held at the same time as IBERZOO+PROPET
28 Feb 2019
Companion Animal Health
  • This is a two-year long clinical, multicenter, randomized placebo-controlled trial, involving more than 100 dogs of various breeds
  • Impromune®, a dietary supplement based on nucleotides and AHCC, has already proved its benefits in two prior studies published by Veterinary Parasitology and Parasites & Vectors