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Format: 02/06/2023
1 Feb 2017
Companion Animal Health

The poster on a multicenter study carried out by researchers of the Murcia University, the Complutense University of Madrid, Tufts University and Bioiberica, has received the prize for best free communication presented at the Southern European Veterinary Conference  
This investigation demonstrated the efficacy of Impromune for the treatment of canine leishmaniosis

17 Oct 2016
Companion Animal Health

These biomarkers have been proved to have potential for monitoring the treatment of that disease, and are related with an improvement in inflammation and renal damage
Bioiberica has recently completed a test with dogs suffering from leishmaniasis that had been treated with Impromune®, a product based on nucleotides and AHCC, which showed better results than the standard treatment

26 Jul 2016
Companion Animal Health

The Animal Health Division leads important scientific studies in the fields of internal medicine, dermatology and veterinary traumatology 

10 May 2016
Companion Animal Health

This process, using adult stem cells, have been proved to be efficient for the treatment of a number of joint diseases, reducing the recovery time and increasing the animal’s chances of complete recovery
Those attending the 16th GEVO symposium learned about Bioiberica’s latest products in advanced therapies and chondroprotection

6 May 2016
Companion Animal Health

Atopivet is a novel product for the treatment of canine atopic dermatitis