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New product launches, presence at trade fairs and congresses, scientific publications, strategic alliances, corporate developments... You’ll find all our news in this section. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you require any further information.

Format: 08/12/2022
19 Feb 2016
Companion Animal Health

This new product completes our range for hepatic function in animal pets 

4 Feb 2016
Companion Animal Health
  • Kenneth Simpson, expert in gastrointestinal pathologies, will present several conferences sponsored by Bioiberica
  • The Entero-Chronic range of products for feline intestine conditions will also be presented
28 Oct 2015
Companion Animal Health

Calmurofel and Arthrostem were the two most highlighted products at Bioiberica’s booth

1 Oct 2015
Companion Animal Health
  • Bioiberica Veterinary presented the results of an in vitro study at the European Congress of Veterinary Dermatology
  • This externally applied treatment could be a key tool for the repair of the cutaneous barrier, which is altered in atopic patients, both human and canine
18 Sep 2015
Companion Animal Health

The products of the Bioiberica Veterinary division were presented at Europe’s most important congress in veterinary internal medicine