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Nucleoforce Horses Bioiberica

Nucleoforce Horses™

Nucleoforce Horses™ is a balanced concentrate of free nucleotides and active precursors, obtained from yeast.
What is it? What is it for?

Main effects

  • Effects on the immune system
    • Support during periods of stress-related immunosuppression: training, competition, breeding periods, etc., promoting a better and faster recovery of the animals
    • Improved vaccine response
  • Effects on the digestive system and intestinal absorption
    • Improves the development of intestinal mucosa
    • Reduces antibiotic use
  • Effects on the reproductive system
    • Improves post-partum recovery
    • Improves the rate of embryo implantation


Product in cream-coloured powder form with characteristic taste and aroma.


The recommended dose is 15 mg/kg live weight/day.
Add to the feed or premix of foals and adults.

FAQS on Nucleotides

What are nucleotides?
Nucleotides are semi-essential nutrients that are the structural units of the nucleic acids in cells.
The molecular composition of nucleotides is based on a sugar, a base and one to three phosphate

Why are they semi-essential nutrients?
Eggs and milk are substances that are naturally rich in nucleotides, providing young animals with a source of nucleotides available for tissue with a limited capacity for de novo synthesis.

Main effects on animals
Nucleotides are particularly necessary for the development of tissue
with a high rate of cell replication, such as the tissue in the reproductive,
immune, and digestive systems.
Hence, the addition of Nucleoforce Horses™ to horse diets is an important aid in situations where de novo or endogenous synthesis alone does not completely satisfy the needs of the animals.