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Nucleoforce Piglets Bioiberica

Nucleoforce Piglets™

Nucleoforce Piglets is a concentrate of free nucleotides obtained from dried yeast extract, that is specially designed for piglets.

Its special profile of nucleotides helps animals develop their immune system and intestinal mucosa correctly. With a minimum nucleotide concentration available of 90%.

What is it? What is it for?

Main effects on piglets

  • Improves immune system development
  • Reduces antibiotic use
  • Compensates for metabolic deficiencies in piglets in a precise and specific manner
  • Improves intestinal development
  • Reduces diarrhoea


Product in cream-coloured powder form with characteristic taste and aroma.


The recommended dose is 500 to 1000 ppm in milk replacers and pre-starters

FAQS about Nucleotides

What are Nucleotides?
Nucleotides are semi-essential nutrients that are the structural units of the nucleic acids in cells.
Their molecular composition of nucleotides is based on a sugar, a nitrogen base and one to three phosphate groups.

Why are they semi-essential nutrients?
Eggs and milk are substances that are naturally rich in nucleotides, providing young animals with a source of
nucleotides available for tissue with a limited capacity for de novo synthesis.

Main effects on animals:
Nucleotides are particularly necessary for the development of tissue with a high rate of cell replication, such as
the tissue in the reproductive, immune, and digestive system.
They play an important role in situations where de novo or endogenous synthesis alone does not completely satisfy their needs.