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Nucleoforce Swine 2Kg Bioiberica

Nucleoforce Swine™ (2Kg)

Immunity & Intestinal Health

Nucleoforce Swine is a free nucleotide concentrate especially designed for porcine animals which is derived from a dried yeast extract.

What is it? What is it for?

Thanks to its special nucleotide profile, Nucleoforce Swine ensures the correct development of the animals’ immune system and intestinal mucosa. The feed contains a minimum concentration of 90 % available nucleotides.

Supplementing the diets of lactating sows with Nucleoforce Swine provides a higher concentration of nucleotides in the piglets’ first meal, i.e. the mother’s milk. This new application improves piglet performance and also has a positive effect on sows’ reproductive parameters.

Main effects on piglets

  • Improved piglet performance
  • Increased litter homogeneity
  • Improved intestinal development
  • Improved immune system development
  • Strong carry-over effect

Main effects on sows

  • Better financial profit per sow per year
  • Improved fertility
  • Increased nucleotide concentration in the colostrum and maternal milk, which is subsequently transferred to the piglets.
  • Greater financial profit per sow/year