You are about to access information on our medicines and medical devices aimed exclusively at healthcare professionals.

By virtue of Spanish Royal Decree 1416/1994 of 25 June regulating the advertising of medicinal products for human use, Spanish Royal Decree 1591/2009 of 16 October regulating medical devices and Law 29/2006 of 26 July on the guarantees and rational use of medicines and health products, in this section Bioibérica can only offer advertising content of prescription medicines to health personnel authorised to prescribe or dispense them.

I am a health professional authorised to prescribe or dispense, or a pharma company professional.

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Products Portfolio

Name Area Product category
Acti-Joint® Human Health Branded Ingredients
Atopivet® Animal Health Dermatology
Atopivet® Mousse Animal Health Dermatology
Atopivet® Oral Suspension Animal Health Dermatology
Atopivet® Spot-On Animal Health Dermatology
Name Area Product category
b-2Cool® Human Health Branded Ingredients
Name Area Product category
Calmurofel® Animal Health Internal Medicine
Chondroitin sulfate Animal Health Glycosaminoglycans
Chondroitin sulfate Human Health Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
CONDROVET® for Puppies Animal Health Joint Health
Condrovet® Force HA Animal Health Joint Health
Condrovet® Force HA large breeds Animal Health Joint Health
CS b-Bioactive® Human Health Branded Ingredients
Name Area Product category
Dermatan sulfate Human Health Heparin Science
Dermial® Human Health Branded Ingredients
Name Area Product category
Entero-Chronic Animal Health Internal Medicine
Name Area Product category
Glucosamine Animal Health Glycosaminoglycans
Glucosamine Human Health Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Name Area Product category
Heparin ammonium Human Health Heparin Science
Heparin Calcium Human Health Heparin Science
Heparin lithium Human Health Heparin Science
Heparin sodium Human Health Heparin Science
Heparinoids Human Health Heparin Science
Hyaluronic Acid Animal Health Glycosaminoglycans
Name Area Product category
Impromune® Animal Health Internal Medicine
Impromune® Pasta Animal Health Internal Medicine
Name Area Product category
Klorexivet® Animal Health Dermatology
Name Area Product category
Mobilee® Human Health Branded Ingredients
Name Area Product category
Nucleoforce Aqua Animal Health Nucleotides
Nucleoforce Dogs Animal Health Nucleotides
Nucleoforce Livestock Animal Health Nucleotides
Name Area Product category
Palbio 50 RD Animal Health Hydrolized Proteins
Palbio 62 SP Animal Health Hydrolized Proteins
Pro-Enteric Triplex® Animal Health Internal Medicine
Prolivet® Animal Health Internal Medicine
Name Area Product category
Tendoactive® Human Health Branded Ingredients
Thyroid Human Health Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients