Aerial scan to detect crop stress and improve production

This innovative technology takes thousands of pictures over crops and generates various detailed maps of the of the physiological state of each tree

Bioibérica has developed Crop-Scan®, an innovative crop stress diagnosis technology that diagnoses each tree. It is based on thermal, hyperspectral cameras installed on manned aircraft with which all a plot's hectares are scanned and photographed. The images obtained enable various maps to be elaborated with pixel details starting from 5cm, with no limit to the hectares analysed, indicating:

  • The temperature of the crop and its hydration (CWSI index).
  • The chlorophyll content, which can be related to nutritional deficiencies and the leaves' nitrogen, iron or zinc content (TCARI, MCARI, OSAVI indices).
  • The productivity, quantity, quality and development of the vegetation (NDVI and LAI indices).
  • An index related to photosynthesis and therefore to the fruit's quality parameters, such as sugar and acidity content (PRI index).

Crop-Scan® is the only worldwide service that analyses these four parameters with such accuracy. Thus, the farmer has a reliable and rapid photograph of the state of each tree on large plots, before he can detect the symptoms visually. It costs between 12 and 20 Euro per hectare and the owner receives his report in less than 72 hours.

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