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WO2018177693A1. Sulphated disaccharides for the treatment of neuropathic pain.

WO2017182379A1. Compositions for the skin.

WO2016188684A1. Process for preparing an animal brain extract.

WO2014139723A1. Genetic markers for osteoarthritis.

WO2014016233A1. Compositions comprising hyaluronic acid and dermatan sulphate for the treatment of being overweight and obesity.

WO2012152955A1. Nueva sulfotransferasa obtenida de tiburón.

WO2012143324A1. Cartilage product.

WO2012139861A1. Glycosaminoglycans with very low methanol content.

WO2012103990A1. Phosphoramidates of monosaccharides.

WO2012038382A2. Markers for joint displasia, osteoarthritis and conditions secondary thereto.

WO2011080203A1. Sulphated disaccharides for the treatment of neurodegenerative and/or neurovascular diseases.

WO2010034615A1. Immunostimulant compositions comprising a nucleobase and a polysaccharide obtainable from fungi, yeast or bacteria.

WO2009083444A1. Composition for the treatment of osteoarthritis.

WO2008151898A1. Disaccharides for the treatment of tendons, ligaments and bones.

WO2008119824A1. Nanoparticulate composition of chitosan and chondroitin sulphate.

WO2007059874A2. Compositions for the treatment of osteoarthritis and to nourish the synovial fluid.

WO2006012951A1. Use of organic glucosamine salts.


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