Research and development of biomolecules to combat crop stress

Bioibérica's experience is confirmed by top agricultural research, biochemical and plant physiology centres

Plants also suffer stress and since 1986 here at Bioibérica we have been providing solutions to combat this. Stress caused by extreme weather conditions (cold, heat, drought, torrential rain, etc), salinity, pests, diseases, transplants, pesticides...  All of these are factors that have a negative impact on the quality and quantity of harvests.

At Bioibérica we have great experience in managing plant stress, confirmed by top agricultural research and plant physiology centres. Starting from there, we have developed a specific range of products, based on aminoacids, which act naturally to promote plant biostimulation, nutrition and protection. We also use the fruit fly mass trapping technology, which has become a worldwide reference.

Remote detection and precision agriculture

As specialists in managing plant stress, Bioibérica offers Crop-Scan® the first crop scanning service from manned aircraft to diagnose the stress before the farmer can detect the symptoms visually.

Biological attractants for fruit fly pests

Ecological baits formulated based on hydrolysed proteins specifically selected to obtain the maximum attractantcapacity and specificity for fruit crop fly pests the world over. 



Plant Health

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