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Bioiberica launches Impromune® in Italy for immunocompromised dogs and cats

11 May 2020
Companion Animal Health
  • It is a complementary food recommended to strengthen the immune system in small pets
  • The launch is led by A.T.I.- Azienda Terapeutica Italiana, a division of Fatro Group

Bioiberica Companion Animal Health has announced the launch of Impromune® in Italy, by A.T.I.- Azienda Terapeutica Italiana. This is a complementary food launched in Spain in 2011, which is recommended to strengthen the immune system in dogs and cats with immunosuppression problems.

Impromune® contains Nucleoforce®, a specific nucleotide formula developed following a study of the specific needs of different mammal species. Nucleotides are semi-essential immunonutrients which, freely administered orally, contribute to the proper development of the immune system.

The product also contains AHCC, a mycelial extract of Lentinus edodes, which modulates NK activity, as well as the proliferation of macorphages and differentiation of T lymphocites into Th1 cells. Different studies have shown a synergetic effect of the combination of Nucleoforce® and AHCC in acting on the innate and adaptive immune responses. This synergetic effect has been patented.

A.T.I.- Azienda Terapeutica Italiana, a division of Fatro Group and Bioiberica's distributor in Italy, leads the launch, which is part of the company's international expansion plan for 2020.

Bioiberica is a worldwide leader in the life sciences sector, committed to improving the health and well-being of people, animals and plants. The Companion Animal Health business unit specialises in innovative, science-based solutions to improve the health of chronically ill pets.