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Our trajectory is backed by 45 years of experience, always using science as the means to improve human, animal and plant health.

We are a global heparin manufacturer and a world reference in the production of active and functional ingredients of biological origin for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, animal nutrition, veterinary and agricultural industries.



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Climate Strategy Report

Climate change is the biggest environmental challenge faced by society today. Bioiberica presents its climate strategy, its future challenges and its first objectives achieved.


Nutraceuticals, a rapidly growing industry, are at the forefront due to their ability to harness the best of nutrition to contribute to health maintenance.


Don't miss this video, which summarises the three days we spent showcasing our product portfolio, meeting new partners and concluding on a high note at La Pedrera during CPHI at Barcelona. Thank you to all our clients and to everyone who made CPHI possible. At Bioiberica, we will continue to work for the future of human health.

Sustainability Report

Learn here about Bioiberica's daily commitment to guarantee a better and healthier world making our growth compatible with environmental resources management.