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    Experts in animal-derived biomolecules

    The alarms go off. There's an emergency situation at our Palafolls plant. The team respond to the call, analyse the scene and start the exercise. Yes, this time it's a drill to put everything that has been learnt during training into practice. It’s Safety Week at Bioiberica. The objective: to create a safe and healthy working environment.

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    Animal Nutrition
    • The company, along with Dr. Carmen Alonso, expert in the African Swine Fever disease and consultant for the swine industry, gave a series of seminars on this disease in Philippines
    • These seminars were attended by more than 800 producers, farmers and healthcare officials
    • Bioiberica presented Palbio 50, a product safe for the animal nutrition industry thanks to their solid supply chain and a production process certified by the Texcell-Pasteur Institute
    • The African Swine Fever is a highly contagious, viral disease with a mortality rate of nearly 100% of all infected animals
  • Noticia
    Companion Animal Health
    • Klorexivet® has dual protective and antiseptic action which cleanses, generates a suitable healing environment and prevents microbial overgrowth on the wound
    • The product is ideal for dogs and cats with superficial injuries as a result of dermatitis, skin infections or wounds, etc.
    • Klorexivet® expands the dermatology product range for pets