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Bioiberica launches Klorexivet®, an innovative spray formula that prevents microbial overgrowth and favors the optimal state of the skin of pets

15 Jul 2019
Companion Animal Health
  • Klorexivet® has dual protective and antiseptic action which cleanses, generates a suitable environment and prevents microbial overgrowth 
  • The product is ideal for dogs and cats with superficial injuries as a result of dermatitis, skin infections, etc.
  • Klorexivet® expands the dermatology product range for pets

Bioiberica Companion Animal Health launches Klorexivet® onto the market, an innovative spray formula with chlorhexidine digluconate, ethanol, menthol and thymol that prevents microbial overgrowth and favors the optimal state of the skin of pets.

The product forms a bioadhesive film on the affected area, promoting dual action: on the one hand, it acts as a protective barrier that helps to enhance chlorhexidine activity and prevent moisture loss; on the other, it cleanses and protects the skin thanks to its antiseptic action. Once applied to the affected area, it generates a suitable environment and prevents microbial overgrowth on the skin.

Furthermore, ethanol, in addition to chlorhexidine, provides a short-term antiseptic effect; menthol provides coolness and relief along with an analgesic effect, and thymol provides antiseptic action.

“Topical products are a good option for the management of skin problems as they reduce the risk of systemic side effects and facilitate pet owners’ compliance as regards administration. However, up until now the majority of available products had significant galenic-type limitations. Klorexivet features innovative vehiculisation technology forming a bioadhesive film that lasts for a prolonged period on the applied area”, states Alfonso Velasco, director of Bioiberica Companion Animal Health.

Klorexivet® is ideal for dogs and cats with superficial injuries as a result of dermatitis, skin infections or wounds. It also offers protection if applied to catheters, ostomies, surgical incisions or skin infections.

The product comes in 30 and 100 ml spray bottles that make it easier for pet owners and vets to use. Its bitter taste discourages pets from licking the wound, allowing the product to remain on the area to which it has been applied for a prolonged period of up to 3-6 hours depending on movement.

Klorexivet® expands Bioiberica Companion Animal Health’s product range, offering owners and veterinary professionals scientifically-proven and innovative solutions with high added value in the field of dermatology.

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