High Quality Ingredients for Farm and Companion Animal Feeds

The Animal Nutrition Division specialises in the development, manufacture and sale of high quality feeds and veterinary specialities for farm and companion animals. They are products which promote the animals' appetite, digestibility, fertility, growth, and intestinal, articular and immunological health.

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Productive Yield

Ingredients designed for piglets which help to increase the appetite and digestibility, and to develop the immune system and intestinal mucosa.

Immunity and intestinal health

Ingredients designed for chickens and laying hens to improve their immune response and intestinal health, as well as increase their productive yield.

Articular Health

Ingredients designed for dogs and cats, to promote their articular, intestinal and immune system health.

Immunity and growth

New ingredients in the feed manufacture for fish and crustaceans which promote appetite, digestibility and intestinal and immune system health.

Immunity and fertility

High quality ingredients for adult animal and calf feeds. They help to increase the animals' reproductive parameters and health.

Immunity and intestinal health

High quality ingredients for equine feeds (foals and adults) which promote digestibility, immunity and intestinal health.


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