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Our focus: biomolecules of biologic origin

At Bioiberica we're attracted to the magic of life and its power to survive. This passion drives us every day to continue researching and investing in science to protect and improve human, animal and plant life. We've specialised in obtaining molecules of biological origin to produce active and functional ingredients for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, veterinary, animal nutrition and agricultural sectors.

Bioiberica's daily research and work, based at its R&D Centre, focuses on the search for global health (also known as One Health) through more than 40 R&D projects. We also firmly believe that good quality research is improved by collaborating with partners. Consequently, at Bioiberica we work with more than 30 research centres, both public and private, located in over 10 countries.

This is the vision that motivates our research and development team. A vision that is reflected in our slogan “Taking life science further”, in other words, contributing to the advancement of life sciences, a sector that works to improve global health.  

Lines of development by areas

Below, we show the main lines of research and development in each of our areas. Please contact us if you need more detailed information about any of them.


Human health:

  • New glycosaminoglycan products and applications.
  • Natural hormones.
  • Biologic-origin enzyme preparations.
  • Complex lipids.


Pet Health:

  • New dermatological products.
  • Efficacy studies in canine leishmaniosis.
  • Development of products for pet gastrointestinal health.


Animal Nutrition:

  • Improved nucleotide formulations.
  • Protein hydrolysates.

Bioactive peptides.

Plant Health:

  • New biostimulants for ecological agriculture.
  • Products to improve soil microbiota.
  • New ingredients with biofungicidal activity.