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Collaborative development

Bioiberica R&D focuses on the pursuit of global health following the One Health strategy.

We strongly believe that quality research is enhanced through collaboration with partners who offer the most advanced technologies. For this reason, the Bioiberica team works with more than 30 research centers, both public and private, located in more than 10 countries.

Our intensive specialization in biologically-derived molecules makes us the ideal partner for the development of any project related to compounds of this type. 

Why Bioiberica?

Because we are experts in:

  • Glycosaminoglycans and other complex non-recombinant biomolecules.
  • Extractive chemistry, analysis, and derivatization of biomolecules.
  • The development of analytical methods for the characterization of complex molecules.
  • Project execution according to GMP, GLP and GCP guidelines.
  • Regulatory aspects pertaining to products of biological origin.

Because we have the right people and the right equipment:

  • A team of researchers with extensive experience in a range of life science disciplines
  • Laboratories, pilot plants and industrial scale-up plants
  • Control of the entire supply chain and product traceability and quality assurance

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