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Want to learn about our history? For over40 years, we have been improving the health and wellbeing of people, animals and plants.

Our history


Founding of Bioiberica in Palafolls (Barcelona, Spain). The company is established with the mission of researching and producing the active ingredient Heparin (an anticoagulant drug declared a medical necessity by the World Health Organization) and Gangliosides (a medicine that although rarely used today treats peripheral neuropathies and cerebrovascular disorders).


Creation of the Plant Health business unit and launch of the first two formulations of Terrasorb®, the Bioiberica biostimulant to combat crop stress, currently used in more than 65 countries.


Creation of the Pharmaceutical business unit (now Healthcare) which, as well as Heparin, is dedicated to the research and production of Chondroitin Sulfate, Hyaluronic Acid and Glucosamine (all used for osteoarthritis and joint health).


Start of the company’s industrial expansion and internationalisation, with new production plants in Toledo (Spain), the United States (1999), Olèrdola (Barcelona, Spain, 2001), Poland (2004), Brazil (2008), Italy (2011) and Germany (2017).

In 1998, the Animal Nutrition and Companion Animal Health business units were also created, dedicated to animal health.


Launch of Condrovet® (especially recommended for dogs and cats with joint injuries and degeneration of articular cartilage), Palbio® 50 RD and Palbio® 62 SP (high quality proteins to improve the health and production parameters of farm animals).


Launch of the line of drugs issued on prescription for osteoarthritis (chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, hyaluric acid).


Creation of the Heparin Science business unit, a turning point in the company’s history since it marks the beginning of our international leadership in the production of this pharmaceutical active ingredient. In 2009 the FDA inspects our plants and authorises the sale of our Heparin in the United States.

This same year, the Plant Health business unit launches its range of biological attractants (Cera Trap®, Suzuki Trap® and Dacus Trap®) formulated from hydrolysed proteins specifically selected to obtain maximum attractant capacity, as well as specificity for fruit crop fly pests affecting crops worldwide.


Launch of the Nucleoforce® product range, a concentrate of free nucleotides specifically balanced and designed for the nutrition of different animal species.

The Companion Animal Health business unit also begins the expansion of its portfolio with products based on solid scientific evidence in the areas of Joint Health, Internal Medicine (Pro-Enteric® and Entero-Chronic® (2009), Impromune® (2011) and Calmurofel® (2012) and Dermatology (Atopivet® 2016).


The company consolidates its name as an international benchmark for the research and production of pharmaceutical active ingredients, health food ingredients and products for osteoarthritis and joint health, all of which are endorsed by more than 150 scientific publications.

En 2013 Mobilee® is launched, a patented ingredient with a unique formula for improving joint mobility and muscle strength. 2015 sees the launch of b-2Cool®, Bioiberica’s native type II collagen which helps maintain joint health.


Centenary of the discovery of Heparin. Throughout this year, Bioiberica reaffirms its position as the leading producer of Heparin worldwide and spearheads global acts of celebration.


The company continues to expand and broaden its product portfolio with an emphasis on its specialisation: the identification, extraction and development of biomolecules of animal origin. In 2018 it presents new active ingredients such as thyroid and calcium heparin, as well as other products of a biological origin currently in development, such as trypsin.


Bioiberica updates its corporate identity in order to modernize the image of the company, and decides to focus the human health business on active pharmaceutical ingredients and nutraceutical ingredients of biological origin. Along these lines, it launches the thyroid pharmaceutical active ingredient of natural origin.


Bioiberica celebrates its 45th anniversary and stays true to its commitment to life sciences, to improve the health and well-being of human, animals and plants worldwide.


Bioiberica overcomes all adversities in the second year of the pandemic. The company increases productions and its international commercial and industrial expansion with the recognition of two new international sustainability certifications: the EcoVadis seal, and the alignment of our CSR with the UN SDGs. Also, it renews the branding of Healthcare Branded Ingredients and consolidates its corporate purpose and values.


In 2022, Bioiberica consolidates its ethical corporate governance. In terms of sustainability, Bioiberica Spain has 100% green electricity and reduces its carbon footprint by 13%. In R&D, Bioiberica launches more than 30 new projects and 4 new patents, with the first sales of the sodium heparin API in Japan.