Specialized treatment for joint, digestive, dermatological or immune disorders.

Bioibérica’s Veterinary Division researches and develops solutions in the area of companion animal health care. The division offers a service which intends to help veterinarians to be able to perform better work in their daily clinical practice, providing solutions in three health areas: joint health, internal medicine and dermatology.

Solutions for dogs and cats with osteoarthritis.

Bioibérica is the leader in chondroprotection, thanks to its scientifically-supported solutions for dogs and cats with osteoarthritis.

Solutions with scientific evidence

Research and sales lines centred on improving the liver and intestinal functioning of pets, improving their immunological health and combating cystitis.

Skin problem solutions 

Bioiberica has begun to offer innovative solutions in the area of Dermatology, following the company's philosophy of high added value, innovative and scientifically based products. 

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