Specialists in biomolecules

In 1975, the year Bioibérica was formed, we started to investigate and produce Heparin, a biomolecule with significant biological and therapeutic properties, extracted from animal tissue. Gradually we began to specialise in the production of this and other biomolecules for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and agricultural industries. Over the years, a firm commitment to science and technology and a wide knowledge of this field have consolidated our leadership in the production of Glycosaminoglycans (Mucopolysaccharides), including, apart from Heparin, Chondroitin Sulphate, Hyaluronic Acid and Glucosamine. We are also specialists in other active ingredients such as Aminoacids, Characterised Peptides and Protein Hydrolysates.

We currently have over 100 products designed to improve the health of people, animals and plants and we are present in more than 65 countries.

Bioibérica in the world

Our centre of production excellence is in Palafolls (Barcelona). In Spain we also have plants in Olérdola and Puebla de Montalbán. And we are present in the United States, Brazil, Poland and Italy.

To offer the best with respect

The ISO 9.001 and cGMP quality, ISO 14.001 and EMAS environmental, ISO 50.001 energy efficiency, OSHAS 18.001 safety and SA 8.000 social commitment certifications demonstrate this.

Quality, respect for the environment and risk prevention

Bioibérica's Environmental Policy forms part of the Company's General Policy and is explained in our Management Manual.



Bioiberica S.A.U.

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