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45 years of commitment to life sciences

16 Sep 2020
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Bioiberica was founded on 18 September 1975, focused on heparin research and production. From the very beginning, the company understood that this is an essential active pharmaceutical ingredient for human health and that its essential activity brings with it great social responsibility.

45 years later, we stay true to our commitment to life sciences and we continue exploring new horizons in human, animal, and plant health, with our focus firmly set on quality, safety, and sustainability.

On this important date, we want to thank all our customers, strategic partners, suppliers, and, of course, the team that forms and has formed part of Bioiberica, who have accompanied us on this exciting project and who have given their support and trust.

We believe that now is the time to present our new corporate video, in which we have aimed to distil our essence and our vision. We hope that you enjoy it.

We are life sciences. We are health. We are innovation. We are production. We are strategic partners. We are sustainability. WE ARE BIOIBERICA.