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Australia, our team’s sporting challenge

6 May 2016
The b blog

Until a few weeks ago, the objective was Hawaii, but for security reasons the route has been changed and, now, the goal is, if anything, even more attractive: To reach Australia!

What motivates the team of a biotechnology company such as Bioibérica to want to participate in the hard stages of a triathlon for 10 months in different countries? “Courage and performing an activity which involves the whole world. The truth is that for many years the company has encouraged us to improve ourselves and get to know ourselves better, to fulfil dreams and overcome our small challenges, so that the people are very happy and are excelling in things that they didn’t think were possible” Manel Carrión and Cristina Martínez, the organisers of Bioibérica’s Australia Challenge, explain to us.

At the start of 2015, 19 teams formed by the staff of Bioibérica and their family members decided to sign up for the triathlon relays which will be held on 13 November in Shepparton (Australia). First, they would have to pass five tests: the triathlons in Barcelona (2015), Ametlla de Mar (2015), Lanzarote (2105), Calella (Barcelona) on 22 May and Exmoor (United Kingdom) on 26 June.

Steep slopes, waves, adverse weather conditions, injuries … Nothing stops Bioibérica’s athletes, who continue training and working as a team with a positive attitude. The goal is close, but only three teams will achieve it.

We will be explaining it on Twitter with the hashtag #AustraliaChallenge and on LinkedIn

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