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Bioiberica receives an award for its preventive and safe organizational culture

26 May 2022
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The award recognized Bioiberica's preventive trajectory and commitment to its teams and customers, as well as the application of corrective and preventive measures in the area of health and safety.

Since the General Social Security Act came into force, Asepeyo has believed that the best way to minimise work-related accidents and illnesses is through a preventive approach. That's why, for the past ten years, the company has been holding the Asepeyo Antoni Serra Santamans Awards to publicise the best practices in prevention.

In this latest edition, Bioiberica received special recognition for its commitment and track record in preventive practices applied to mobility. Gonzalo Arza, Health and Safety Director, and Daniel Vega, a specialist from the Safety Department, received the award on behalf of the entire team.

This recognition highlights the efforts made by Bioiberica since it was first set up to promote a preventive and safe organisational culture. In this particular case, the award recognised the Road Safety training offered by Bioiberica to its teams, as well as the application of corrective and preventive measures in health and safety.

As a global company that cares for the health of people, animals and plants, Bioiberica has a huge commitment to safety and traceability, both in production processes and with people. Such commitment has been endorsed by this award which, according to Gonzalo Arza, "is the outcome of our individual and collective commitment to health, safety and excellence in the workplace".

If you'd like to know more about how we work at Bioiberica, visit the “what drives us” in our website.