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Seligman & Bioibérica: conquering well-being

10 Jul 2016
The b blog

Is there a relationship between people's level of well-being and business profits? The answer is yes, but the ideal situation is for well-being to be a goal in itself and not as a means to reach objectives.

Furthermore, “happiness can be measured and taught” as Professor Martin Seligman explains, one of the founders of positive psychology and director of the Positive Psychology Center at Penn (University of Pennsylvania), in La Contra in La Vanguardia days after visiting our company in Barcelona.

With a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, Seligman went from studying depression to researching the bases of well-being and happiness to discover that "we knew how to treat the negative and pathological aspects of human beings really well, but nobody was worried about the positive aspects, about how to lead a good life". In this sense, he notes that when studying the bases of psychological well-being, of happiness, of human strengths and virtues was proposed within the scientific framework, he arrived at the conclusion that “positive emotions, the quality of relations and in short, happiness, can be measured and can be taught”.

Seligman also highlights the importance of strengthening abilities in order to strengthen our well-being, and also to increase positive relationships, emotions and commitments.

Over the last few years, we here in Bioibérica have applied Professor Seligman's theory in our human resources philosophy, which we call Bioflow, with very positive results in terms of team involvement and motivation. Over the next few days, here in the blog, we will offer you some video extracts of the workshop that Seligman gave to Bioibérica's management team about the importance of improving well-being in teams and how to turn this into a goal.