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Bioiberica Animal Nutrition to be present at the 14th International Animal Production Show held in Zaragoza, Spain

19 Mar 2019
Animal Nutrition
  • Bioiberica will present their high quality hydrolyzed proteins, Palbio 50 RD and Palbio 62SP
  • The key points of FIGAN 2019 are eco-friendly production, innovation, and sustainability in livestock farming

Bioiberica Animal Nutrition, the leader in hydrolyzed proteins extracted from porcine gut mucosa, will be present at pavilion 6, street A, booth #3 of the 14th International Animal production Show (FIGAN). This conferencewill be held on 19-22 March at the Feria de Zaragoza venue, with more than 85,000 square meters of exhibitors’ area.

Bioiberica Animal Nutrition will be presenting their high quality proteins Palbio 50 RD and Palbio 62 SP, which are key to reinforce the feed digestibility and therefore the animals’ feed consumption, thus improving both production parameters as well as the animals’ health.

FIGAN 2019 will present the latest technological innovations from all over the world, with latest generation technical and commercial solutions for the optimization and development of livestock farming. It will also include more than 60 technical sessions, as well as a technical novelties contest. Organized by Feria de Zaragoza, this contest will reward those products or techniques which contribute substantial improvements or innovation to the sector because of their commitment to the environment, sustainability, work safety or competitiveness.

This event is putting special emphasis on eco-friendly production, sustainable improvement of yield and product quality as well as on innovation; themes that will be discussed in the technical symposiums scheduled. Among the many symposiums to be presented, the following stand out for their particular interest: “Intestinal health as the key to success in swine production”, the Exafan congress in swine production, or the ANAPORC technical symposium entitled “Do you remember? Yes! It is possible to raise pigs without antibiotics”.

Bioiberica Animal Nutrition specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of products for the improvement of the immune and intestinal health in early stages of development of farm livestock, aquiculture species and pets. Their aim is to preserve the animals’ well being from the damaging effects of stress, thus helping farmers to optimize sustainability as well as their business’ profit.