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Bioiberica certifies that their protein hydrolysates for animal nutrition are free from the African Swine Fever virus

18 Jul 2019
Animal Nutrition
  • The company, along with Dr. Carmen Alonso, expert in the African Swine Fever disease and consultant for the swine industry, gave a series of seminars on this disease in Philippines
  • These seminars were attended by more than 800 producers, farmers and healthcare officials
  • Bioiberica presented Palbio 50, a product safe for the animal nutrition industry thanks to their solid supply chain and a production process certified by the Texcell-Pasteur Institute
  • The African Swine Fever is a highly contagious, viral disease with a mortality rate of nearly 100% of all infected animals

Bioiberica Animal Nutrition was present in a series of seminars on African Swine Fever hosted by Philippines’ Ultrabio Corporation. The aim of these seminars was to provide in-depth information to all attendees (more than 800 persons, including producers, farmers and health officials) on this virus, and how to prevent its spread.

African Swine Fever is a highly contagious, viral disease with a mortality rate of nearly 100% of infected animals. This disease causes severe production and economic losses, and, due to the high resilience of that virus in the environment can be transmitted by dead or alive, domestic or wild animals, or by their products.

The sessions were directed by Dr. Carmen Alonso, PhD in veterinary medicine from the University of Minnesota in the USA, expert in swine health and production, independent consultant based in Catalonia, and collaborator of the Pig Academy, a 3tres3 company. Bioiberica has also participated to explain how the company guarantees the absence of the African Swine Fever virus in its products. 

Bioiberica is a vertical integration company that guarantees their control of the entire lifespan of the product: from development to production to final user. The raw material is selected and inspected at the original source. All our plants share a common quality control system and environmentally safe processes.

At Bioiberica, all the raw materials we use have been collected in EU-certified slaughterhouses and inspected by healthcare officials. We have exclusive lines of supply for porcine intestinal mucosa extracted from healthy animals apt for human consumption (both the animals and their intestines) with exclusive facilities and transport vehicles, direct offloading in stainless steel tanks, and PCR checks”, explained Xavier Córdoba, Bioiberica Animal Nutrition Director.

Thanks to our systematic inspections, we minimize the risk of cross-contamination. Our suppliers are subjected to in-depth audits, carried out by major international test and certification firms. Put together, all these controls provide us with a solid supply chain and eliminate any chances of viral DNA in the final product. Furthermore, we certify, with the guarantee of the Texcell-Pasteur Institute, the elimination of any virus, and more precisely, that of African Swine Virus, thanks to a lengthy enzyme treatment that break proteins into amino acids and peptides, and to the high temperatures applied on the product during the three stages of production. That treatment can inactivate and destroy any virus that could be present in the intestinal mucosa”, added Ramon Calonge, Bioiberica’s manager for the Asia region.

This is why Bioiberica guarantees that Palbio 50 , our protein hydrolysate of porcine intestinal mucosa that improves production parameters and intestinal health of animals, is completely safe from the African Swine Fever virus.

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