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Bioiberica to launch Nucleoforce Shrimps Farming® in India

25 Jul 2017
Animal Nutrition

Nucleoforce Shrimps Farming® is a nucleotide-based ingredient specifically developed for shrimp and prawn farming. Mayank Aqua Products will be responsible for the distribution of this product in the Indian market.

Bioiberica announced the launch of Nucleoforce Shrimps Farming® in India, which is the third largest producer of prawns worldwide. This was done in concert with their Indian distributor, Mayank Aqua Products, headed by Dr. Manoj M. Sharma, an expert in prawn aquiculture who is highly recognized in India and worldwide. 

Nucleoforce Shrimps Farming® is composed of nucleotides produced from yeast extract and is specifically designed for India’s shrimp and prawn farms. 

The addition of Nucleoforce Shrimps Farming® to the animals’ diet helps in raising prawns that are more resistant to various diseases, and minimizes the negative effects associated with production stress. The nucleotides of this product have a specific profile for these species and are released in a free, balanced way, thus promoting the optimum development of the animals’ immune and digestive systems. 

Nucleoforce Shrimps Farming® is mixed directly with the animals’ feed in the farm itself, and is sold in three different packages of 1kg, 2kg and 5kg, so that they can be adapted to the specific needs of each prawn farm.