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Bioiberica, a leading expert in the immune and digestive health of shrimp, was invited to the 8th NICOVITA Symposium in Ecuador

18 Apr 2016
Animal Nutrition

Xavier Córdoba, director of Bioiberica’s Animal Health Division, discussed new challenges in the improvement of the immune and digestive health of shrimp through nutrition during the 8th NICOVITA symposium held in Guayaquil, Ecuador
Bioiberica’s Animal Health Division is working on the development of new solutions to feed shrimp in collaboration with NICOVITA, a worldwide leading firm in the aquaculture market

At the 8th Nicovita Symposium held on 13-14 April, Xavier Córdoba presented the new tools developed for the improvement of the immune and digestive health of shrimp through nutrition, a project developed through the collaboration between Bioiberica and Nicovita.

Thanks to Bioiberica’s research work for the development of biotech solutions such as nucleotides for the nutritional improvement of animals, and thanks to Nicovita’s experience as leading firm in the aquaculture sector, we will be able to develop new diets and strategies that improve the immune health and survival of shrimp, thus reducing the negative effects of the different types of stress, and improving their adaptability.  

During his lecture, Córdoba presented an evaluation of several trials carried out in fish and crustaceans, depicting results of the use of nucleotides (which help to reinforce the animals’ immune system) as well as bioactive protein hydrolysates, which actively improve the digestibility of their diets. He also offered a preview of Bioiberica’s upcoming lines of research, always focusing on improving the animals’ health and productive yield.

One of the keys to short-term success in this sector will rest on the search for tools with which to address unexpected or adverse developments, so that firms can keep growing both at the productive and economic levels. Ecuador is nowadays a worldwide leader in the shrimp industry, but they must strive to adapt to a changing environment in order to respond to the major challenges they will have to face. 

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