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Bioiberica to participate in three key international events in animal nutrition

2 Jul 2018
Animal Nutrition
  • Indo Livestock is the largest event in Indonesia on farm and aquiculture animals
  • Aquaexpo, in Ecuador, is a dedicated conference on shrimp production
  • Ciporc, in Peru, will be attended by the major international agents in the pig farming sector

The month of July will be packed full of important events for Bioiberica’s Animal Nutrition Division. First, they will attend Indo Livestock Expo & Forum, to be held at Jakarta, Indonesia, on 4-6 July. They will then be present at Aquaexpo,  which will be held at Machala, Ecuador, on 3-5 July. Finally, in Latin America, the Ciporc International Congress in pig farming will be held in Peru, at which Bioiberica will present a lecture on 12 July.

The Aquaexpo held at Machala is an event targeted towards experts on sustainable production of shrimps. Bioiberica will share a booth with their exclusive distributor in Ecuador, Merchan & Fontana. They will present Bioiberica’s products for shrimps: Nucleoforce® Shrimps LR, and Palbio® 62. These products improve the animals’ digestive and immunology system during the early stages of development. Nucleoforce® improves survivability and growth in shrimps, whereas Palbio® 62 provides them with a source of bioactive peptides extracted out of hydrolized proteins, with anti-inflammatory properties and high digestibility. This balances the antinutritional factors in diets with high concentrations of plant proteins. 

At Indonesia’s Livestock Expo & Forum, experts will discuss the importance of nucleotides in shrimp diets, as well as in fish diets. Nucleotides are molecules which are included in products such as Nucleoforce® Fish, Nucleoforce® Shrimps Plus, and Nucleoforce® Shrimps. Their use in aquiculture is essential for the development of the immune system, gut health, and energy preservation during periods of rapid growth and development, and to face challenges such as climate change, diseases, or stress. Bioiberica will attend this major event in animal nutrition with the aim of setting up new connections and to sign an exclusive collaboration agreement with a distributor in that Asiatic country.

Finally, on 12 July, at 09:45 am, Oriol Roigé, product manager at Bioiberica, will present a lecture entitled “Nucleotides in porcine nutrition. Their effects on sows and their offspring” discussing our Nucleoforce® Piglets range, which has recently been launched in Peru by Quimtia, our local distributor.