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Bioiberica presents their new Nucleoforce Swine at the VIV Asia Congress in Bangkok

13 Mar 2017
Animal Nutrition

They also present their latest research on nutritional improvements in aquiculture  

Bioiberica Animal Nutrition will be present at the latest gathering of VIV Asia, the International Fair in Animal Feeding, which will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 15-17 March. This event is a unique opportunity to meet the most important firms of a thriving sector, a sector experiencing constant grown in Southeast Asia and China.

Bioiberica will present their most recent product: Nucleoforce Swine, a new product in the Nucleoforce range, which is based on free nucleotides and has been specifically developed for piglets and sows. Thanks to its 2kg presentation, the product can be directly mixed with the mothers’ food, which increases the amount of nucleotides in the maternal milk. The piglets benefit from these increased nucleotides from the first day of life, since milk is the first food they receive. The benefits of nucleotides are several: improved sow fertility, increase in average piglet weight (an increase of up to 2kg at 60 days of age) and an improved immune system.

In addition, Bioiberica’s Animal Nutrition Division will present their latest research in the field of aquiculture. Palbio 62 is one of the products that had excellent results in aquiculture. By adding only 1%, it can reduce or eliminate fish wheat from shrimp’ diet, thus reducing production costs while maintaining yield. The results obtained in other animals such as breams, are similar and even better in comparison with standard diets. With Palbio 62, animal weight can experience increases of 1% to 3%.

Another product having notable results in aquiculture is Nucleoforce Shrimp, which, aside from increasing the animals’ total weight, has demonstrated improved survival rates in shrimp against one of the deadliest plagues affecting them: the White Spot syndrome.

Both Southeast Asia and China are leading regions in the field of aquiculture. In this congress, Bioiberica’s Animal Nutrition Division intends to build new commercial relationships, meet distributors and, in general, to strengthen our links with customers and partners in the area. 

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