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Bioiberica was present at two key scientific events in animal nutrition; one in Panama and one in the Philippines

1 Mar 2018
Animal Nutrition

Experts from Bioiberica’s Animal Nutrition explained how nucleotides improve farm animal’s resiliency against stress and disease

Bioiberica was present at the 9th International Shrimp Culture Symposium & Trade Show, which was held in the city of Panama on 28 February-2 March 2018. Bioiberica had an exhibition area (booth #7 and #8) together with their distributor Iberian Feed, which presented Nucleoforce Shrimps™. Furthermore, on 2 March, the day devoted by the congress to shrimp nutrition, they also presented a lecture. Entitled “Nucleotides and bioactive peptides as nutritional health agents”, it was presented by Enrique Fabián, product manager at Bioiberica’s animal nutrition division.  

In addition, on 22 February, Bioiberica participated in a conference hosted by their Philippines distributor, Ultrabio Corporation. Francisco González, Bioiberica’s Product & Export Manager for Asia, presented a lecture entitled “Improving immune response and yield efficiency”. In his lecture he explained the important benefits of Nucleoforce Swine™ for piglet health and yield when the ingredient is added to the diet of lactating sows. Bioiberica appreciates the great interest shown by those who attended the conferences and would like to thank Ultrabio Corporation for their excellent event organization.