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Bioiberica’s Animal Nutrition Division was present at the VIV Asia in Bangkok

17 Mar 2015
Animal Nutrition

This international fair is one of the major meeting points for all sectors dedicated to animal nutrition and healthcare

A balanced diet is essential to enhance the health and productivity of farm animals. Providing these animals with high-quality proteins that increase digestibility is the key to fomenting their intestinal development, during their growth period as well as during later stages.

Palbio 62 SP is an ingredient in Animal Nutrition which contains a large quantity of proteins obtained through enzyme hydrolysis, a process that gives great digestibility to the final product. Hydrolysis, and the fact that it is of porcine origin, makes Palbio 62 SP an ingredient suitable for all types of farm animals, ruminants included.

On the other hand, our Animal Nutrition division specializes in the production of nucleotides, which are the basis of or Nucleoforce range. This range of products consists of ingredients specifically designed for each animal species, improving their immune system and the development of the intestinal mucosa. Nucleoforce includes a range specifically designed for aquiculture for the nutrition of Salmonidae, shrimp and all kinds of fish.

Those attending VIV Asia, which was held in Bangkok from the 11th to the 13th of March, had the opportunity to learn about Palbio 62SP, Nucleoforce and all the rest of our Animal Nutrition range of products, at Booth E054, Hall 103.

This year’s VIV Asia had more events and exhibitors than ever, many of them international. Out of all the exhibitors, more than 450 of them worked exclusively in the field of nutrition and healthcare for bovine, swine, birds, fish and pet animals. 

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Animal Nutrition

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7 Oct 2020
Animal Nutrition
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