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Bioberica Heparin Science Sponsors the main symposium on glyccosaminoglycans, to be held in Italy, on 22-24 September

15 Sep 2011

The 19th edition of the symposium on glyccosaminoglyccans “New developments of anticoagulant and non-anticoagulant glycosaminoglycans and of other coagulation inhibitors”, is the most important meeting dealing with glycosaminoglycans. It will be held on 22-24 September 2011 at Villa Vigoni (Loveno, Lake Como)

As every year, Bioiberica's Heparin Science
will be present in this symposium, which it is an invitation-only event.
Bioiberica will be present as a sponsor, giving full support to the  innovation and development of the heparin
market as well as contributing its point of view, experience and know-how on
the subject.

In the present edition, which will be dealing
with new uses and developments of heparin and related  glyccosaminoglyccans, along with other
coagulation inhibitors, will attract the leading specialists in the field of

Up to 70 attendants will be present at this
event, which will present the most recent research advances on subjects of
growing interest in the field of heparins such as the relationship between
inflammation and cancer, the study of biotech heparins, heparan sulfate, or the
medical  uses of anticoagulants.

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