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Bioibérica launches new corporate website based on real-life video stories

19 Jan 2015
  • The company is boosting its online communication with the goal of making it more active and offering high-value content for the target public of its activity sectors (human, animal and plant health)
  • The new, highly visual website design adapts to mobile devices (responsive design) and makes interaction easier
  • Bioibérica is also implementing Twitter, Linkedin, Vimeo and Pinterest corporate channels to create communities

Barcelona, 19 January 2015- Bioibérica today presented its new corporate website ( ) and Twitter, Linkedin, Vimeo and Pinterest channels. The biotech company is completely revamping its online image and presence and getting behind quality content and more active communication

The website boasts a highly visual design adapted to mobile devices (responsive design) and is divided into four major sections: Bioibérica (Corporate), Human Health (Heparin and Joint Health) Animal Health (Pets and Animal Nutrition) and Plant Health (Plant Stress). The company's specialisation is explained in detail in each section, along with all of the products the firm sells. 

One of the main changes are the full-screen video “Stories” that feature on the home page. The video reports run for up to three minutes and relate real-life experiences that showcase the social repercussion of biotechnology and Bioibérica's activity. “Heparin Saved my Life” and “Peggy Walks Again Thanks to Chondroprotective Agents” are two examples. “We have set ourselves the challenge of explaining what we do better, being transparent and demonstrating the company's contribution to our customers' day-to-today lives. There is no better way to do this than through videos that tell real stories, ” said Bioibérica CEO José Escaich

The new website is designed to facilitate contact and interaction with all users. One example is the section “Contact Our CEO”, where you can send ideas and business or collaboration proposals directly to the chief executive officer. “The corporate channels on Twitter, Linkedin, Vimeo and Pinterest are another new way to contact and engage with us. The different business areas already have a consolidated presence on social networks and we now believe it is time for the company to communicate this space in a more comprehensive fashion,” said Alba Soler, Bioibérica communication director. 

Through the section “News and Updates” users can keep abreast of biotech activity and find the latest press releases, events agenda and corporate information. “We have also created the Social Media Room where we provide a very visual explanation of the particular features and editorial line of each social network,” Ms Soler added. 

The design of the new website is more modern, visual and better structured. Pictures play a very important role and all of the information has been updated and organised. “Bioibérica has grown and expanded its activity vastly in the recent years. Our online presence also needed to evolve and we have opted to do it in a groundbreaking, appealing and open fashion,” Mr Escaich concluded. 

About Bioibérica

Bioibérica is a biotech company founded in 1975 and based out of Barcelona which specialises in the research, development, production and sale of biomolecules for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and agrochemical industries. The company is presently the world leader in herapin, pharmaceutical specialties and active ingredients for joint health, plant stress and immunological and digestive health.

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