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Bioiberica marks next milestone in empowering the health evolution with new science and insights at Vitafoods Europe 2023

28 Apr 2023

Join Bioiberica at stand F130 in Geneva, 9-11 May to discover the company’s latest science and insights driving innovation in the nutraceuticals market.

At Vitafoods Europe 2023, Bioiberica, a global life science company with more than 45 years’ experience in the research of molecules of high biological and therapeutic value for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries, will mark the next major milestone in its mission to empower the healthcare evolution with new science and insights for mobility, skin & beauty and digestive health. In particular, experts will be on stand F130 to unveil the takeaways from its recent event – ‘The Collagen Symposium’ – as well as present exciting product concepts designed to cultivate innovation, driven by the latest scientific research and shifting market demands.


Collaborative insights to inspire mobility innovation

With consumer interest in collagen products at an all-time high, Bioiberica is set to unveil the expert insights gleaned during its inaugural event, titled ‘The Collagen Symposium’. Hosted on 30 March at Bioiberica headquarters in Barcelona, a specially selected group of industry experts and key opinion leaders came together from across the globe to discuss key trends shaping the collagen market, the evolution of collagen ingredients, and the future of collagen innovation.

The collagen market is booming and joint health is one of the fastest growing segments. But with this heightened interest comes an increasing need for clarity and education. Many consumers and brand owners still don’t fully understand the key differences between hydrolysed and native collagen. Although both are classed as “collagen”, they are very different in terms of their mechanism of action and required dosage,” comments Antonio Vendrell, Marketing Director, Bioiberica. “We established the symposium to help brands navigate the complexities of this multifaceted market and look forward to sharing the insights with visitors at Vitafoods Europe. This was also a driving factor behind our latest scientific paper, published in Nutrients, which accumulated evidence comparing hydrolysed and native (undenatured) type II collagen in joint health – the first peer-reviewed study to do so.”

Attendees can also explore Bioiberica’s new market-driven product concepts, which will be presented to showcase how manufacturers can combine its leading mobility ingredients, Collavant n2 – native (undenatured) type II collagen (40 mg/day) and Mobilee® – hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient (80 mg/day) with other on-trend solutions to develop new products with multiple health benefits, beyond mobility.

Advancing the nutricosmetics space

Skin health will also be a key focus at this year’s exhibition as Bioiberica presents its most recent in vitro study for Dermial® – a first-of-its-kind hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient (60 mg/day). The peer-reviewed paper, published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences, concluded that Dermial® demonstrates anti-ageing, regenerative and antioxidant properties in skin cells – the first time the ingredient’s role against oxidative stress has been exhibited.

This is a significant scientific development for Dermial®, highlighting its untapped potential in the nutricosmetics space, as well as scientifically verifying its potential benefits,” comments Daniel Martínez Puig, Head of R&D, Human Health, Bioiberica. “We’re looking forward to meeting manufacturers to discuss how this latest science can unlock innovation opportunities in the beauty-from-within market and help brands meet the rising consumer interest in skin health solutions. We’ll also be revealing new product concepts combining Dermial® with other complementary ingredients for beauty.”


Driving development in digestive health

Additionally, Bioiberica will continue to raise awareness of the emerging digestive health issue –histamine intolerance. This gastrointestinal condition is known to affect 1-3% of the population worldwide1,2, causing them to experience allergy-like symptoms after consuming histamine-rich foods. And yet, it remains a relatively unexplored area within the nutraceutical space. That’s why Bioiberica is showcasing its diamine oxidase (DAO) enzyme ingredient – DAOgest – to improve histamine digestion. A natural extract, the solution can provide an immediate effect at a low dose of 4.2 mg/serving.

To discover more about Bioiberica’s healthcare portfolio, or to request a meeting with the team at Vitafoods Europe, visit:


1 Maintz & Novak. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2007; 85: 1185-1196.

2 Comas-Basté. Biomolecules, 2020;10:1181.

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